Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding - what is it and why is it important?

Corporate branding often means using the company name as the product name. Corporate branding incorporates such elements as the company name, logo, pictures, distinct colors and unique fonts. The objective of corporate branding is to create a positive association in people's minds of the brand with the company name and even further, the expectation that the product has certain positive qualities. (Source:

Promote Your Business with Corporate Branding

Car/Floor Mats

Golf Gift Set

Presentation Folders


House Clock

As you contemplate the selection of products to promote your business, consider the opportunities for corporate branding. You can imprint the company logo on stationary, envelopes, checks, postcards, mailers, tags, and custom labels. Any computer accessories purchased for the sales staff can be branded.

When it comes time to order apparel for the company golf tournament, consider having the corporate logo embroidered on it. The logo promotes camaraderie and reinforces the company brand to everyone at the event.

At the annual convention, select a tradeshow giveaway that has the corporate branding prominently displayed. When awards are given to recognize the most productive and creative staff, use this as an opportunity to incorporate corporate branding. Dash mats for the car, mouse pads, business card flashlights, highlighters, bottled water and desk accessories are all examples of opportunities for corporate branding.

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