Corporate Recognition Awards

Corporate recognition awards express appreciation for a job well done. Congratulate the CEO, thank the board of directors, show appreciation to dedicated volunteers, recognize loyal staff, commemorate retirements, and thank business partners — all with specially selected corporate recognition awards. Imprint the company logo to promote the corporate brand to all who admire the beautiful awards. Proforma Prime Image has a unique selection of corporate recognition awards to suit every occasion and budget. Call us to research your next award event. We will find the most unique and best suited awards for your presentations.

Corporate recognition awards take many unique shapes and are made of a variety of materials. Choose which is best for your needs. Call us for suggestions if you don't see what you have in mind.

Acrylic Awards

Beautiful, practical and versatile acrylic awards are always an appropriate choice.

Clocks and Watches

Traditional or contemporary, a commemorative clock or watch is an enduring and thoughtful form of recognition.


Sparkling crystal makes for a welcome and elegant gift.

Desk Sets

A desk set is a functional and classic recognition award, suitable for every occasion.

Glass Awards

Glass recognition awards are distinguished and timeless.


Available in a variety of materials and a full range of sizes, a globe makes a treasured addition to home or office decor.

Loving Cups

A loving cup is an time-honored and impressive award for a job well done.


A commemorative plaque provides a lasting and distinguished recognition of achievement.


Sculpture is a unique and artistic award that is sure to be appreciated.

Sports Awards

Reward individual achievement, teamwork and athletic victory with traditional or contemporary sports awards.


The classic award of achivement or victory.