What is an e-solution? A good example is a company store set up by Proforma with easy-to-use software that allows employees and customers to directly access company materials or promotional products online. Letterhead, envelopes and business cards are easily ordered as needed from the company store. Employee rewards for security or other campaigns can be accessed using the e-solutions instituted by Proforma for the organization. Inventory and reports can be quickly generated for management. As a result, the organization benefits by saving money on warehousing, fulfillment, reporting and more. E-solutions are designed to make online ordering available 24/7.

Proforma delivers a fully integrated solution of electronic communications specially designed for industry-specific projects. Contact us for more information on e-solutions that are just right for your organization.


V-Mailcards are CDs or DVDs laminated to a postcard. They are approved by the US Postal system and have met all postal regulations. The cards with mini CDs can hold 10 minutes of full-screen video, a 30-image gallery including links and text, hundreds of documents or PowerPoint slides or other, specialized media. V-Mailcard mini-DVDs have an 800 MB capacity that holds up to 25 minutes of full-screen video, a 90-image gallery including links and text, and DVD chapter navigation. The V-Mailcard is also offered in full-size CDs and DVDs.

The marketing opportunities are endless. College catalogues, sales brochures, pharmaceutical updates, instruction manuals, tax and legal kits, directions, maps and photos of state parks, marketing travel tours, cruises and resorts are just a few of the uses for this versatile product. You supply the information for the CD or DVD or we can assist you to develop the content. Once you have approved your V-Mailcard, Proforma Prime Image can bulk ship them, and we can also provide variable printing or labeling, postage and fulfillment.


V-MAGS offer online publishing to anyone who distributes publications, training manuals, travel catalogs or flyers and would like to put this information online. It's eco-friendly, cost effective and affordable.

It's very easy to use. As a publisher, you upload PDFs that are converted to the V-MAG format.

Tradeshow Card

The Trade Show Card...

The CD can contain

The Multi-media Trade Show Card provides an eye-catching and unique handout that will...

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