Imprinted Promotional Products

Take the opportunity to increase recognition, promote products and motivate customers and staff by using imprinted promotional products. An imprinted product represents the organization's success and stability so be sure to give a quality item that fits the marketing plan, is within the budget, and targets the appropriate audience. An item that is compact and will be used frequently is a good choice and unique items give the edge over competitors.

Why imprint promotional products? At tradeshows, imprinted products promote new items, educate the audience on existing products, and promote the company brand. Conferences and meetings are not the only venue for imprinted promotional products, however.

Promote the company logo, phone number and website address with imprinted products that are distributed at award ceremonies, sports events, and social occasions. Holidays and memorable events such as weddings or birthdays present another opportunity to imprint products to promote an organization.

Contact Proforma Prime Image to research just the right item to meet your organization's specific goals.

Advertise and promote your products or services

From coupons, flyers and postcards, to keychains, aprons and magnets, Proforma Prime Image has the ideal imprinted product to promote your business. Realtors, travel agents, banks, pharmacies, restaurants, delivery services and more can all find something memorable to advertise their products and services.

Reward valued clients and reinforce staff loyalty

Imprinted products are a wonderful way of rewarding valued customers and reinforcing staff loyalty. Your customers and staff will appreciate such items as gift cards, desk accessories, travel bags, computer accessories and photo frames — and every time they use the item, they'll be reminded of you!

Other promotional opportunities


Holidays, social events (such as staff picnics, parties and weddings), and sports events (such as team sponsorships and golf tournaments) offer still more opportunities to promote your business or service while providing fun and practical items — from gift baskets to grills. People will be glad to receive and use them.